Hello! My name is Kerry, and I live in the lovely city of Portland, Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is a great place to set down roots if you’re the outdoorsy type… which I am. I love to work with my hands, grow and raise my own food, and enjoy time with my family. I have a little red house a big backyard. I’m learning as I go…how to raise chickens, vegetables, and anything else I can fit on my piece of land. For the items I cannot grow or raise myself, I’m very big on supporting the local farmers and businesses. For me, it’s all about enjoying our own little piece of the planet.

It never ceases to amaze me how far our culture has strayed from the agricultural knowledge base: how to grow food and preserve it, raise animals, and the hands-on maintenance tasks that go along with it all. My son is the only high school varsity wide receiver I know that has six hens, 3 chicks, and a Doberman Pinscher as pets. My nieces and nephews are constantly in awe to see where there eggs come from, and how just a few little potatoes can multiply into hundreds over a single growing season. I love teaching them how to can my great-grandma’s bread-and-butter pickles with cucumbers that they helped me plant. It’s such a wonderful life – using your own land – or land that you have found (such as a community garden) to share, teach and enjoy. I encourage you to show your kids and your friends how to play in the dirt. It doesn’t get much better than that.

KP and Hens